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Nicolinni's Ristorante

Nicolinni's Ristorante

Nicolinni's Ristorante
Cuisine: American, Italian, Pizza, Seafood

Location Information & Hours 1247 Boardman-Poland Road
Boardman, OH 44514


Phone: 330-259-3343

Monday-Thursday 11am-10pm
Friday & Saturday 11am-11pm
Sunday 11am-8pm

Closed All Major Holidays

Detailed Description Nicolinni's is an Old World style family owned restaurant, passed down to the second generation now. We still follow the family tradition of using only the freshest of meats, vegetables and herbs. All pizza dough and bread is made fresh daily. Our homemade salad dressing, pesto, spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, and all saute sauces are made from old family recipes. All deserts are made in-house. It may take a little longer, but all dinners are cooked to order. When your meal is served, you will truly appreciate the extra care that was put into it.

Thank you for 40 years of patronage and we look forward to serving you at either of our two locations - Boardman & Austintown!

The Lavanty Family.

Average Rating
4.8 / 5
of 56 ratings

Comments (56)

Rating: 1 stars Author: 1 Posted: 2017-03-29 09:45:03

Rating: 5 stars Author: 1 Posted: 2017-03-29 09:45:02

Rating: 4 stars Author: 1 Posted: 2017-03-29 09:45:02

Rating: 3 stars Author: 1 Posted: 2017-03-29 09:45:02

Rating: 2 stars Author: 1 Posted: 2017-03-29 09:45:02

Rating: 5 stars Author: Geno Posted: 2009-12-21 12:02:19
If Only
If only they would take reservations. Our time is valuable too!

Rating: 5 stars Author: Wine Lady Posted: 2009-08-27 10:29:49
A must go
Love everything about this place. Patrick has amazing dishes on his new menu. Can not wait to come back.

Rating: 5 stars Author: Bill S. Posted: 2009-07-03 14:42:45
Excellant food, service and atmosphere

Rating: 5 stars Author: Kurt Apisa Posted: 2009-01-15 20:56:01
Nicolinni's Ristorante
My lunch today moved me like I never dreamed a work of art could. Gnochi and sweet cherry peppers and portabello mushrooms in a spicy tomato and white wine reduction. My oh my....I was moaning with every bite. I was literally shaking my head in disbelief and staring into my plate, savoring what was in my mouth and wondering who created this, when my server thought there must be a problem. "Is something the matter Sir?" "No, on the contrary," I said, not taking my eyes off the wonder I beheld. "I'm in love," I said. "I see," he replied. "I'll leave you two alone." What a great place. At one point I closed my eyes and felt I was floating along in a gondola.

Rating: 5 stars Author: Sherry Coleman Posted: 2008-10-20 11:31:35
The Best Steak Ever!
I know this is an Italian Restaurant, but their steak was the best steak I've ever tasted. My husband and I are new to the Youngstown area, and this is our new favorite spot. I can't wait to dine there again.

Rating: 5 stars Author: Janice Posted: 2008-09-20 13:51:42
Absolutely the BEST!
I'm so glad we found Nicolinni's! We live just north of Pittsburgh, and when we have a special occasion to celebrate we ALWAYS go to Nicolinni's in Boardman. No restaurant in Pittsburgh even comes close to the wonderful food, atmosphere, service, prices, etc... It is so worth the drive and the money, you will not be disappointed.

Rating: 5 stars Author: Noonan Posted: 2008-01-22 23:45:13
Chicken and Greens dish is the best in the business!

Rating: 5 stars Author: lisa Posted: 2008-01-17 15:25:02
what italian fine dining is all about
from the atmosphere, to the service, to each dish prepared, nicolinni's is first rate. my family enjoys great food, and this boardman location surpasses every italian restaurant we've tried including those in pittsburgh and cleveland. try the hot peppers in oil, chicken francaise (melt in your mouth tender) and the seafood pasta!

Rating: 5 stars Author: jim Posted: 2008-01-04 12:52:51
Great food and nice atmosphere

Rating: 5 stars Author: Brandi Posted: 2007-11-30 23:28:04
Best food in this area!
My husband and I ate at Nicolinni's in Boardman for our anniversary. I was far impressed with the decor and service. Their bread is amazing too!!

Rating: 5 stars Author: Fresh Water Pearl Posted: 2007-09-08 15:05:52
The Best In Town
Fine Food, Fine People & The Best Italian In The Tri State Area!!!! Thanks For All The Great Meals. Good Luck In The Future

Rating: 5 stars Author: The Pearl Posted: 2007-03-28 12:39:17
Italian at its best
Sundays are for HBO and Nicolinnis pizza. Great wine, great food and great people! Thanks for being here for us.

Rating: 5 stars Author: MJScott Posted: 2007-01-30 02:55:44
Drunken Fish Great
Stopped by again on Friday night. Ordered the drunken fish. Huge piece of fish with my choice of side. Choose French Fries. Great bread as well. Very great once again!

Rating: 5 stars Author: Marie Posted: 2006-11-10 00:55:48
My first visit to this fine restaurant...Food and service were outstanding. A true gem. Can't wait to return.

Rating: 5 stars Author: Pizza/pasta eating freak Posted: 2006-09-02 16:57:58
Yeah, Nicolinni's!
Delicious Italian food, pleasant atmosphere, in the Wedgewood area of Austintown! Makes me hungry just thinking about it!

Rating: 5 stars Author: Local Posted: 2006-07-03 14:49:44
Nicolinni's is the Best!
Love the Chicken Marsala! No matter where we try, can not find any Chicken Marsala that compares. We're so hooked on it that we haven't tried the pizza or the other delicious things on the menu!! Love to bring out of town visitors.....they always get hooked on Nicolinni's too!

Rating: 5 stars Author: Lisa Posted: 2006-05-29 19:59:26
Simply the Best
I am so glad that we found this place. We ty to get there at least every other week. They have the best dinners, including the Key West Shrimp. Love it.

Rating: 5 stars Author: kayla Posted: 2006-05-24 22:07:18
my favorite place to eat. love the pizza and salad with the homemade salad dressing.

Rating: 5 stars Author: Lola Posted: 2006-05-15 13:54:56
Great Pizza
Possibly the best Pizza I have ever eaten--must try the brier hill and the greens & potato. They could use more than one bartender on busy nights.

Rating: 5 stars Author: fan Posted: 2006-04-20 10:06:15
the best
the best

Rating: 5 stars Author: robert Posted: 2006-04-15 16:24:20
My wife & i went here on a saturday early evening.she got some kind of shrimp pasta & i had the filet mignon.we both agreed it was one of the best meals we ever had.the pre-meal bread & garlic/olive oil dip was amazing.the flavor of the filet was second to none.i was honestly still licking my lips 20 minutes after dinner.we will be back many times.the prices were on par to everywhere else that offers great food.

Rating: 5 stars Author: Food Spectator Posted: 2006-03-14 13:22:28
My words in short, I have to say the originality in the food is original indeed! The sauce is out standing! You cant find a better restaurant that keeps its word and food from a family tradition any better in this town. A Food Spectator

Rating: 5 stars Author: Deb & Jim From Salem Posted: 2006-03-12 17:00:12
Nicolinni's Ristorante
Great sauce, great salad dressing, great lasagna, great white fish Nicollini.

Rating: 5 stars Author: Arnie13 Posted: 2006-02-22 17:25:51
Great Parm
Had lunch there yesterday. Great Chicken Parmesan. Great sauce Great Chicken!

Rating: 5 stars Author: carol Posted: 2006-02-17 21:58:56
simply the best
Received a gift certificate for Christmas. We live less than a mile away. It was wonderful, all the way around...ambience, service and oh my gosh the food just melted in your mouth. The dressing on the salad was the best I've ever tasted. The fried fish was huge and so tender and flaky and the grilled rib eye sandwich was delectable. Been back three times and that is just the beginning. One regret...we didnt try it sooner. One taste of anything there...you will be hooked.

Rating: 5 stars Author: Curt Posted: 2006-02-16 18:55:03
Excellent Lunch
Excellent Chicken Marsala! Great salad and pasta. Very recommended!

Rating: 5 stars Author: Ricco Posted: 2006-02-14 17:10:25
Wonderful Food and Service
Some of the best food around!!! Our waitress Sarah was very polite and efficient, one of the best I've ever had. Can't wait to visit again!

Rating: 5 stars Author: isabella Posted: 2006-01-26 13:07:03
Love it
I was happy to hear that my favorite restaurant is expanding. I can not wait until you open your second location in Boardman. Thank you for many years of outstanding dishes.

Rating: 5 stars Author: Old Italian Posted: 2005-12-02 12:43:36
The best
I wanted to again say "Thank You" for a great experience. I have been enjoying your restaurant for a long time now. I love your Sauteed Portabella Mushroom appetizer...how do you make that? Also one of my favorie meals is the 1# Grilled Ribeye with a side of your Italian Potatoes and that salad with your homemade dressing and pesto.....Ok now I am hungry again. See you soon.

Rating: 5 stars Author: frank Posted: 2005-10-16 23:57:04
Nice wines Out Standing well trained staff.
Nicolinnis has the best wines to go with ther fine food, its growing and thats a good plus for Nicolinnis, they have a hard working staff that i have seen in person on my visit out standing people.

Rating: 5 stars Author: lisa Posted: 2005-10-12 11:49:18
I am an avid wine tipper and want to let Kim and her staff know what we feel about nicolinnis. They are wonderful. there food is wonderful. I have been talking to kim about the wines, and she told me that they have been working on getting more from around the world. She said that they have been enjoying all of the new wines that they have been trying and hope that their guests enjoy them as much. Thank you for the new wines. Also I can not wait to see your new holiday picks this year.

Rating: 5 stars Author: murph Posted: 2005-10-10 12:21:34
they make the best brier hill pizza in the world

Rating: 5 stars Author: mary ann Posted: 2005-10-05 22:58:58
I tried Nicolinnis for the first time because of a gift certicate I won in an auction. I was glad I used it. I took 3 other members of my family and they loved it as well. We are first generation Italians and it is not easy to please our palates when it comes to spagetti sauce(also known as gravy). Nicolinni's passed the test!! Go try for yourself.

Rating: 5 stars Author: joe Posted: 2005-10-04 10:13:10
The people
I recently visited Nicolinnis Ristorante, To all the staff at Nicolinnis They are a hard working team, The service was outstanding, the food you wont find a better place to eat in mahoing valley, and the wine list is growing with well-picked fine wines from around the world.

Rating: 5 stars Author: ... Posted: 2005-09-28 15:46:16
love it

Rating: 5 stars Author: OB Posted: 2005-09-17 19:17:08
Food Snob
Never dissapointed. Wife would eat here every day if she could .When we bring guests for the first time, they always go back.

Rating: 5 stars Author: vince Posted: 2005-09-03 18:21:23
Best dinners ever......

Rating: 5 stars Author: Matthew McCracken Posted: 2005-08-05 22:46:08
Pizza, Seafood, Chicken, Veal, Beef, Pasta
Fresh ingredients are the key to success! I've been to every Italian restaurant in Northeast Ohio and this is by far the most authentic, delicious, and reasonably priced. Don't bother going anywhere else! Superior fresh ingredients and great service along with a delightful atmosphere make for a meal to remember. The chicken francaise can be addictive and don't forget to try the homemade cheesecakes. In a perfect world Nicolinni's would be open 7 days a week.

Rating: 5 stars Author: Dana Furst Posted: 2005-07-21 15:52:49
hubbard native
Best restaurant I have ever eaten at, absolutely LOVE it, eat there everytime I am in the area

Rating: 5 stars Author: traveler Posted: 2005-07-18 15:11:56
This is a great place. Awsome food and super freindly.

Rating: 5 stars Author: Heather (Salem) Posted: 2005-05-10 18:32:37
Chicken Marsala
I only will get Chicken Marsala at Nicolinni's no other restaurant can begin to compare. My whole family enjoys Nicolinni's and my parents eat there every weekend. My fiance' and I are visitors about every other weekend. We recommend Nicolinni's to EVERYONE, when resturants are being discussed.The pesto and bread are mmmm good, as is the dressing on the salad. Keep doing a GREAT job guys. Thank You

Rating: 5 stars Author: RoadRunner Posted: 2005-03-22 00:26:31
Reel Big Fish
Food was good. Prices were decent. Beer Battered Fish was huge. Would eat there again!

Rating: 5 stars Author: Arnie Posted: 2005-03-05 14:56:30
Great Fish
I had heard about their fish fry on Friday nights from a friend so I thought I'd try Nicollini's. Great! I had the Drunken Beer Battered Fish. The fish was HUGE! The bread that came with my salad was great too. Try the drunken fish. You'll be glad you did.

Rating: 5 stars Author: shelly Posted: 2005-02-04 10:13:16
Potato and Greens Pizza
Where do you come up with these receipes? This is now my favorite pizza. I will say that I was afraid to try it but was talked into it. Mmmmm Mmmmmm. Can not wait to get it again.

Rating: 5 stars Author: Ryan Posted: 2005-01-24 10:30:26
Killer greens
If anything, go for the greens and bread! Excellent food.

Rating: 5 stars Author: Ann J. Posted: 2005-01-20 09:56:05
Linguini Nicolinni
This is what Youngstown is all about, Italian food. This has been a favorite dish of mine for years. The boys Pat and John have kept their family tradition alive and well at Nicolinnis.

Rating: 5 stars Author: Lynn Posted: 2005-01-16 20:33:31
Great Food
Been coming to Nicolinnis for years. Delicious food.

Rating: 5 stars Author: Carol Posted: 2005-01-10 09:38:26
Great place to go. Dishes that you can not find anywhere.

Rating: 5 stars Author: Emill Cerimele Posted: 2005-01-07 11:14:38
Nicolinni's Ristorante is one of my favorite places to eat. I take all of my family and out of town guests there. The quality of food is always fresh, and everyone is well informed. I like to order the Fish Franchase. I never knew that anyone can make fish taste so wonderful. If it is pizza you are looking for, Nicolinni's is simply THE BEST IN TOWN. They make pizza like the kind I grew up on as an Italian person. I especially lilke the "Brier Hill" style pizza because it reminds me of home. John Lavanti has been the owner of this establishment, and HE is the person who has started the Brier Hill pizza as we know it today. If you haven't tried Nicolinni's yet, you are in for a real treat, and I am sure you will go back again and again. Emil J. Cerimele

Rating: 5 stars Author: Nancy Posted: 2005-01-03 22:43:39
This is our Favorite Restaurant in town! The pizza is hearty and full of flavor. The Mussels Marinara is to DIE FOR! I have out of town guest begging me to take them back there again and again! Thanks all!

Rating: 5 stars Author: Kelly Posted: 2005-01-02 09:15:14
Italian Food
Nicolinni's is a wonderful italian restaurant. The homemade food is out of this world.

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